250 key concepts; one software suite.

Sunflower for Science’s ever-growing software suite can model and explain over 250 key scientific concepts in a way where students just get it.

Penny drop moments.

Penny drop moments.

As educators, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching a student’s eyes light up when something just clicks. We call these penny drop moments. They’re why we make Sunflower for Science.

Award winning since 2004

Finalist BETT Awards 2012
Sunflower Learning is a finalist ICT for Exporter of the Year 2012
Finalist BETT Awards 2012
Sunflower Learning wins ICT Exporter of the Year 2011

What teachers say:

" Some of the best modelling software we’ve seen. Easy to use for teachers and students. Makes abstract ideas like chemical bonding and the EM Spectrum much more straightforward to teach. "

Chris Townroe, Head of Science, The Joseph Whitaker School

What the critics say:

" It is not just an interactive whiteboard tool, not just software students can use and learn from, nor just a simulation tool that students can investigate with. It is all of these and it delivers on all counts…’ "

School Science Review